Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Elegant Retribution by Tee Smith

Title: Elegant Retribution (Elegant series book 1)
Author: Tee Smith
Rating: 5 Stars
Synopsis: Lilijana Bartholomew is in a bad spot. Pregnant, beaten, alone, everyone she ever believed cared for has turned their backs. She doesn't know what she do but she knows she can't stay in her small hometown any longer. The business card in her hand could be her savior, but it will also open a whole new door of unknowns. 
Denim Gargliano is a powerful and respected man. His family's business dealing may not be all 100% legitimate but he is known to be fair and compassionate to the plight of those who surround him. When Lilijana bursts into his life she takes up quick residence in his heart as well. But Denim knows that he has to be careful, he can't allow her to get too close, he can't allow the dangers of his lifestyle to impact her in such a delicate time. But Denim's no push over, and he won't hesitate to protect those he cares for. 
Review: I want to avoid spoilers here so I will try not to say too much. I really loved this story. I've come to expect a great plot surrounding wonderful characters whenever I pick up a Tee Smith book and the first book in the Elegant series was no exception.
Denim and Lili were great characters. Denim was strong and compassionate, he was sexy and also a bit hard headed. I wanted to shake him just about as much as I wanted to kiss him and I loved it. I love a male character with flaws especially when those flaws are all driven by his compassion and just a bit of naivety in ways of the heart. 
Lili was that perfect combination of strength and delicateness that it so rare to find in a female lead. She was young and naive but she had also seen a lot of pain and heartache in her short life. Her response to her tough upbringing was beautiful. In some way she was hardened to it, she had a tough outer shell and a defiant sense of self. Lili didn't bend easily to the whims of others. In some ways this was to her detriment. Thus the naivety, Lili was stubborn and sometimes childlike in her refusal to accept assistance. But she was brave, and eventually willing to look past her past and open her heart to promises of the future.
Of course as wonderful as the emotional base for these characters was, it wasn't nearly the whole story. From the opening pages the plot moved along swiftly. I won't talk specifics on this because I think the events of this story are best read organically the way the author intends. 
Ultimately this was a good read. I enjoyed it and I would recommend it to others. I look forward to more from this author and from this series. 

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Elegant Retribution by Tee Smith

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