Monday, April 17, 2017

The Precious Ruby by C. Renee

Title: The Precious Ruby
Author: C. Renee
Rating: 3 Stars
Synopsis: Louise never imagined her life could become such a mess so quickly. One fated night a sexy dangerous man with a motorcycle stepped into her world and changed everything forever. For a long time things with Matt were really good. He may have been the president of a shady motorcycle club and owner of sex club that she was banned from ever entering but he seemed to really care for her. It wasn't long before she realized how wrong she was. Matt didn't care about her, not the way he claimed. She was nothing more than a possession to him, a rag doll to take out his anger on. So Lou decides she's had enough. She runs away, barely escaping with her life. With the help of an old friend she tries to get herself back on track and moving forward. She meets a new guy, he may be a arrogant billionaire playboy but he seems to have a good heart. Of course things can't stay good for long, before she knows it one knock on the door changes Louise's fate once again and this time it might be for good.
Review: So basically my synopsis above encompasses everything that was good about this novel. That it is to say that the idea of this story is the best part about it. The plot and story line are really interesting and the pace moves along swiftly. The problem I found with this book was in the writing. I'm not trying to bash the author as I know this is a debut novel and I can really see the threads of good storytelling throughout so I think that shows a lot of promise. But as far as this one goes it just wasn't all there for me.
So many times some of the wording made me cringe, there was so much repetition and so much flipping from past to present with no warning except for a sudden change in font. Some sentences were written in both past and present tense within the same line and there were a few noticeable typos throughout that signified to me a need for some better proofreading. The kindle edition of this book that I read felt a lot more like an advanced copy or an non-finalized draft than a book that is ready for mass publication.
I really hope that doesn't sound too harsh because I mean it in the best possible way. I'm trying to say that this story has good bones. A really great plot and some interesting characters that I totally could have followed if the writing style was just a bit more clear from start to finish. I did not hate this book by any means and I really hope the author continues to write and publish her work as I can see some true promise in the way of what's to come for her in the future. As for the Precious Ruby, maybe I'm just too judgmental, maybe the good bones and plot are enough to make this story really enjoyable for someone else but for me it was just kind lackluster. I didn't hate it but I also didn't love it. Do with that what you will.

Never take my word for it when you can read the book for yourself. Get your own copy with the link below.
The Precious Ruby by C. Renee

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