Monday, April 3, 2017

Obscured Love by Delilah Mohan

Title: Obscured Love
Author: Delilah Mohan
Rating: 5 Stars
Synopsis: Lotus Bishop has sworn off dating the same kind of guy. After seemingly endless run ins with heartbreak and unsatisfactory relationships she knows that "her type" is totally the wrong type. So her and her best friend decide to make a list. One that will highlight all the unsavory things she typically goes for, like cockiness and arrogance.
Beckett Fucking Cole is totally the wrong type of guy for Lotus. Not to mention he's her older brothers best friend and has been treating her like a kid sister her entire life. Lotus knows that getting involved with Beckett is the worst decision she could make, still she can't seem to stay away.
Review: I want to keep this one short and sweet kids. I loved this book! I read this puppy in three days and I can not even remember the last time I was so hooked I stayed up until 2AM to finish something, but alas my beauty sleep was most defiantly cut short by Beckett Fucking Cole. (I'm pretty sure that might actually be his middle name.)
From the moment this fictional man walked into my life and a drunk Lotus' apartment I was hooked. Then I found out he had a motorcycle, tattoos and a tragic past...can someone bring me new panties?
Seriously though this was a really awesome love story, filled with heart, humor and a few touching teary eyed moments, all laced with a good amount of passion and sex.
I feel like as a reader I don't ask for much, just the simple things like well developed characters, a plot line that never falls flat, and a few moments that make me want to swoon. Obscured Love delivered on all of that and more. It is really hard to believe that this is the author's first novel! I am very excited to read more from her and hopeful we can maybe revisit some of these characters again.
Like Bentley and Myra (was there a thing going on there I feel like there might have been?) and Auggie/Gus I really need to know what happened to him and why did Lotus call him a God damn hero? I want more from this world. I wanted more from this book, I was sad to see it end and yet glad for the lovely way it finishes. 
That's really all I have to say about this one. There aren't any points that I want to pick apart, no bad stuff that stuck out and nagged at me throughout the plot. I just really enjoyed this book and I really hope that there is more from this author in the form of a series going forward.

To read this book for yourself follow the link below.
Obscured Love by Delilah Mohan

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