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Claimed by Magic - Claire Marta

Title: Claimed by Magic (The Hunter Chronicles Book 3)
Author: Claire Marta
Rating: 5 Stars
Synopsis: Welcome back to Claire Marta's amazing world. Where the supernatural beings that have laid silently amongst us mere mortals since the dawn of time are still revealing themselves fully to Jasmine Hunter. After a heartbreak like none before, at the hands of the frosty but handsome vampire Eric on her last adventure in Prague, Jasmine is trying to pick up the pieces of her seemingly shattered life. Incomes her BMFF (Best Mage Friend Forever.) (Yes I just made that up.)
Twitch doesn't tell Jazzy where they are going, only that he wants to help her move on and intends to cheer her up. He has no clue what type of surprises await them when they arrive.
An ancient evil is returning for revenge and once again Jasmine finds herself in the center of a magical battle of good vs evil.
Will her broken heart and destroyed self confidence stand in her way? Or will she once again overcome the obvious obstacles and prevail? Will she heal along the way?
Review: I don't know how to begin gushing over this book. The third installment in Ms. Marta's Hunter Chronicles series has been far and away the most amazing ride yet. I tried to take my time reading it, wanting to absorb every detail in this incredible world that I could. Yet I kept finding myself rushing onwards not being able to put down my kindle, needing to know what would happen next.
In previous reviews for this series I have mentioned how I thought Jasmine was a weak character. I believe I called her a damsel in distress that only seems to be around to get herself into situations which require saving by one of our many hunky and mystical men. I agreed with Eric's decision at the end of book 2 to have her removed from her job with Scotland Yard. I actually celebrated that someone in the series finally acknowledged her bumbling nature even if it was our main male lead and even if he did do it in kind a of a dickhead way. That all comes full circle in the book however, as Jasmine is forced to prove to herself and anyone around that she is indeed a force to be reckoned with on her own. I won't say too much on the subject to avoid spoilers but I have to acknowledge the growth of this character throughout the series. She has come so far, with so much road left ahead of her, and I love the way the author has walked the reader along with her one step at a time.
The supporting male characters while always great also took it to a knew level with this installment. As we get to know more about Twitch and where he comes from we peel back layer after layer of Jasmine's quirky sidekick, leaving me absolutely clamoring for more.
We see in this book that even an ancient vampire master set in his ways like Eric can grown in leaps in bounds in only a short time. Though I won't say anymore on that at this time anyone who has read this book knows exactly what I am referring to.
I love some of the new characters we meet as well, especially Benedict, Dane and Ella. I love the relationship shared between the three cousins ( although there was one aspect that had me thinking a little too much about separation of blood-lines ) But all in all the trio added some humor and companionship to this novel that may have been the darkest and heaviest on gore and action of this series thus far.
In all this book has definitely been my favorite of this series to this point. It has left me more excited then ever to get back to this world and these characters and find out what fate has in store for them next.

Please don't take my word for it. Check out this book for yourself using the link below.
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Claimed by Magic - Claire Marta

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