Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Whispers and the Roars By K. Webster

Title: Whispers and the Roars
Author: K. Webster
Rating: 3.5 Stars
That said, this novel is about a girl named Kady and her boyfriend Yeo. 12 Years ago Kady pushed Yeo away at the urging of his family. She broke his heart and kept him at arms length for over a decade while he went to school and made a good life for himself. She was devastated at the loss of her one true love but she knew it was for the best. Yeo was a force of light and Kady was nothing but a pit of darkness. But now Yeo's back and he's not ready to let the ghosts of Kady's past tear apart the possibility of their future. Yeo's home and along with their longtime bestfriend Bones he plans to chase away the darkness in Kady's mind...as soon as she let's him.
This was a lovely story, filled with twists and turns and oh shit moments that I would never want to spoil for a potential reader. The things that Kady endures as a child are more than anything I could ever imagine someone actually surviving and I love the way the author lets you in on each gory detail bit by bit through flashbacks.
The love story of Yeo and Kady is a touching one. At first I thought it would be just another second chance / love conquers all cliché fictional pairings but I soon realized there was a whole other layer of depth to the story of the terrible three.
When the twists first started coming I was confused. For a while I was even a bit put off by some of the actions that were seemingly taken place.
By 56% into the story when the true nature of these characters is finally revealed to the audience I was shocked. My jaw dropped. I even flipped back a couple pages and read them over to make sure I didn't miss anything.
Everything made sense after that, every action, every question, every thing that was making me doubt the sanity of the story started to come together right at that moment.
And yet there was still so much plot to be had.
Part of me loved that we the audience were let in on the secrets before the end. That we were let in to the world of Kady's mind a little bit.
But then there was a part of me that felt like there was no mystery after that.
A touching love story? Sure. There were plenty of swoon worthy Yeo moments still to be had.
But I was no longer really interested in the conclusion of the story.
From that point (just slightly past the middle of the book) I kind of didn't care what happened next. And honestly it was kind of a shame as the mystery had been beautifully built up to that point.
Overall, Whispers and the Roars was an interesting story with a beautiful romance and plenty of heart felt emotion and I would recommend it to any romance fan looking for a decent mind bending twist.

Like always, don't take my word for it.
Check out Whispers and the Roars for yourself HERE

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