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Preppy: The Life and Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part 2 by T.M. Frazier

Title: Preppy: The Life and Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part 2
Author: The Evil Blonde Ginger (AKA T.M. Frazier)
Rating: How many stars is all of the stars? Because multiple that number by like 100 and you have a close idea of my rating for this book!!!
Synopsis: Welcome back to Frazier world mother fuckers, my how things have changed! Preppy makes his true return to the land of the living in this second instalment to his three part love story. Watch as he tries to come to grips with the tortures of his past and figure out a way to get his life back on track when it seems everyone else has moved on so drastically without him. Grace is dead, Chop is dead, the MC has been taken over by Bear, who seems different and weirdly happy with the crazy pink haired girl. King and Doe (who's real name is Ray BTW) are pumping out kids faster than you can say 'get some condoms'. To Preppy it seems like everybody has something going for them in this new life except for him. All he gets are fucked up memories and a few blissful flashes of a girl with dark hair and red fuck me lips.
Dre has come to Logan's Beach for closure, but she finds Preppy instead. At first she can't even believe he's really alive. All the time she spent pining for him and grieving over him. But she can't forget that he was the one to send her away in the first place. She may have begged him to keep her then but this time is different, this time she is the strong one.
Review: Another beautiful, intense, funny, and heartfelt novel from T.M. Frazier.
Unless you are new to my reviews, you probably already know that I drank this lady's Kool-Aid like over a year ago and have not stopped worshiping at her alter of alpha-males and fucked up love stories ever since. I can't help myself, when T.M. releases a book I gobble it up and begin begging her for seconds moments later.
The Preppy saga has been no exception.
I have loved Preppy since his first appearance in 'King'. I have laughed, cried and obsessed over this fictional man for 6 fucking books now and still it never gets old. Between his quick wit, perverted humor and sexy evil hipster description, what's not to love? This entire storyline of him and Dre just takes it to an all new level.
Dre is the ultimate counterpart to Preppy's evil genius. She's gone from dirty junkie to sweet pin-up in the span of two books and I can't get enough of her transformation. She's flawed enough to hang with our sinister beach crew and innocent enough to keep Preppy on the insane side of good, never letting him transform fully into the Joker like villain that we know lies somewhere beneath his surface.
T.M.'s world is like no other in the way that all of her characters' stories intertwine so fully and yet stand alone so well. I love when we glimpse in on her other couples and sneak a peek at the tales yet to come but still those little glimpses never detract from the story at hand. I never get so caught up with what is happening with King and Doe or Bear and Thia to forget about the importance of the current stakes between Preppy and Dre.
Of course because this is the second part of a three part story there was an inevitable and unavoidable cliffhanger at the end of this book, and I will warn the weary reader that it is quite a surprise. Even after reading and seeing a few of the pieces I over looked, that could possibly end up being valuable clues, I have no guesses or suspicions, just more unanswered questions. So if sweating it out with zero answers until book 3 doesn't seem appealing, you should probably wait until the final installment is available.
Unfortunately for me I have no such control over myself,  so when the opportunity to read this book early was presented to me I of course devoted the following 6 hours of my life to Preppy part 2.
I really had no choice if you think about it...I mean, it's Preppy.
I regret nothing!

Preppy Part 2 is set to release on January 24, 2017 to pre-order your copy now follow the link below.
Preppy: The Life and Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part 2

*I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review*

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