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Finding Reason by Tee Smith

Title: Finding Reason
Author: Tee Smith
Rating:  5 Stars
Synopsis: Patrick 'Trick' Harper hasn't had very good luck with the ladies. after finding his fiancé cheating on him he decides to move on with his life. Then he meets Maddie and thinks that maybe she's supposed to be the one...but that doesn't work out either. He's just about ready to give up on the fairer sex as whole when he meet Ginger.
Ginger is a "dancer" at Polly's dollhouse the "gentleman's club" that Trick tends bar in. She's beautiful and carefree and so incredibly full of life...she's also addicted to heroin.
Things are bound to get messy as these two embark on a journey towards finding reason.
Review: Another sweeter than sweet love story from Tee Smith. Following the events of her last two novels Collecting Scars, and Chasing Dragonflies, I highly anticipated Trick's story being somewhat epic and I have to say I was not disappointed. And though this book like the previous two was chalk full of lovey-dovey swoon moments, my favorite things about Finding Reason were the messy parts. Tee dove into the gritty details in a way that we haven't really experienced from her in the past and she did it with the same naturally smooth grace that I have come to expect from her writing style.

Trick is a wonderful character. If you haven't read any of Tee's previous books it's not necessary to enjoy Finding Reason but I would highly recommend it. Not just because they are wonderful on their own but because I love the progression of Trick's character from the time we meet him in Collecting Scars to his own story in Finding Reason. Tee has a knack for creating male characters that seem like real men, they're not overly romanticized or exaggerated, and yet somehow they're still completely loveable and desirable. Trick is a perfect example of this. He is attractive and smart but still a little bit lost. He reacts selfishly to a few situations through out the course of the story and yet he never gives up on figuring out the right thing to do when he realizes his mistakes. He's got family issues and women problems and he doesn't know what he wants out of life, and you will love him anyways.

Ginger is another great example of Tee's ability to create realistic characters, although she may be a bit less relatable than her romantic counterpart. Ginger is druggie and a prostitute, working and living in an establishment like Polly's Dollhouse is actually a huge step up from the life she's been living before. She thinks she's doing a pretty good job hiding her nasty habit from those around her, she wishes she could stop but she knows it would be too hard so she does what she can to keep going each and everyday. When the cute bartender Trick starts showing interest in her she knows its a bad idea to get involved with him, but she can't help but want a little taste of the life he offers her.

Honestly I could probably go on and on about all the good things about this book, but I don't want you guys to think I'm blinded to the few imperfections and inconsistencies in the story. The thing is though that in order to break some of those issues down I would have to dive into plot points that could get us into spoiler territory. Also and maybe even more importantly than avoiding spoilers, those small imperfections really seem pretty insignificant by the time I finished the book. The plot as whole kind of swallowed them up leaving me to all but forget about them as I reflect on the story as a whole.

Don't take my word for it though. Check out this read for yourself by following the link below.
Finding Reason By Tee Smith

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