Thursday, December 15, 2016

Dancer (The Good Guys Book 2) Jamie Schlosser

Title: Dancer (The Good Guys Book 2)
Author: Jamie Schlosser
Rating: 5 Stars
Synopsis: Brielle is a cage dancer, technically that's different from a stripper because she doesn't have to take all her clothes off or allow sweaty guys to pay her extra to grind in their laps. For a few hours a night she gets to let it all out and dance to her hearts content on a safe elevated platform in one of the hottest clubs in town. It may not be what she dreamt of doing when she was a little girl signing up for dance lessons, but she won't deny that she loves it.
Colton has problems with his dick. Erectile Dysfunction is not exactly music to the ears of any twenty-something dude but his doctors inform him that it's less of a physical problem and more of a mental issue. Whatever the case maybe he's pretty understandably messed up over it but he's willing to put it aside and try to enjoy a night out with his friends for his birthday. Everything changes when he sees the beautiful goofy girl in the cage, things suddenly start looking up for Colton (pun totally intended). He's convinced this girl is the answer to his prayers, now he's just got to convince her he can be the answer to hers. He's got to prove to her that he is one of the good guys.
Review: I love Jamie Schlosser's sexy good guys!!
It's kind of unusual for me to fall for characters like these as I'm usually an alpha male, over bearing and dominating hero kind of gal...but these guys, they totally have me swooning for the sweet romantic types.
Colton and Brielle's story grabbed me from the very begging I could barely put this book down and the main reason why was these excellent characters.
We meet Colton in Trucker (the good guys book 1) and even then I knew I liked the fella, but watching him fall for Brielle and make her fall for him, I was pretty much reduced to a puddle of sugary swoony goo.
I loved Brielle as well she was a great counterpart to some of Colton' antics. I loved how she constantly teased him and ribbed him over his annoyingly bossy habits while still being totally enamored enough to pretty much let him have his way.
The greatest thing about this story though, my favorite new character in this world, Ava.
I loved Ava, the sweetest of sweet little girls, she was a perfect depiction of a too smart for her own good 4 year old.
I loved so many of the small moments in this story like Colton and Ava's eating contest and the story of Colton's neighbor Champ.
Honestly it would be difficult for me to pick out anything from this book that I didn't like the whole thing was just so great from start to finish.
I highly recommend this series to anyone who is a fan of romance, even if you think it is outside of your normal interests just give it a chance. I promise you will not be disappointed by these Good Guys.

Don't take my word for it, please check out this awesome book for yourself using the link below.
Dancer (The Good Guys Book 2) by Jamie Schlosser

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