Friday, November 11, 2016

Melancholy (Jokers' Wrath MC Book 2) Bella Jewel

Title: Melancholy Jokers' Wrath MC book 2
Author: Bella Jewel
Rating: 3 Stars
Author's Blurb: "There's never been a time I've cared about anything more than my club. Today that all changed. Today I got you."
To truly understand a story; you need to start from the beginning, but to start from the beginning; you have to go back, further than just you. After all, our stories don’t start with us, do they? Our stories start with the person before us, and the person before them. We are created from the stories of those people - from their mistakes, from their achievements, from their love and their hate.
No one’s story is ever truly their own.
I tried to create my own story, my own path, and my own actions. I’ve seen things people only see in their worst nightmares, but I never let it beat me down. I never let it become who I was. I picked myself up, and I kept going. Everything was what it was.
There was no point analyzing what it could be.
Could be’s didn’t matter.
Until Maddox came into the picture. He saved my life. He changed my world; giving me the second chance some of us only dream about. There was only one thing missing in my second chance, and she was the reason I fought so hard to survive.
My sister.
My sister who is supposed to be dead, well, at least, that’s what I thought.
That’s what he told me.
Now is where my story changes, but to understand this story, you have to start at the beginning…where it all began…and before.
Review: Another interesting story about Bella Jewel's Jokers' Wrath MC. Much like the first book in the series Melancholy drew me in immediately and didn't let me go until the very end. Also much like the first book in the series my one true complaint about the story has nothing to do with the plot or the steamy romance and everything to do with the terrible romance heroine troupes committed by the female lead throughout the course of the book.
Santana was a whiny much so that she is called out on her behavior by the other characters in the book more than once throughout the course of the action. That wouldn't be so bad if she didn't continually over and over again make terrible decisions and then cry and whine about how she was driven to do so because of the actions of the those around her. She constantly pushed and rebelled throughout the whole story usually to some type of dire consequence. The few moments where she displayed any backbone or brain were few and far between and honestly she kind of annoyed me throughout the whole book.
All of that said this though this wasn't a terrible read by any means. The plot was interesting, the sexy stuff was hot and the characters with the exception of Santana were rich an compelling. I love the MC world that Bella Jewel has built and I am anxious for more stories about these rough and tough men she's created and the ladies who will inevitably steal their hearts.
So far this series has proved to be action packed and compelling to follow. I anticipate more of the same in the next installments.

To check out Melancholy for yourself follow the link below.
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