Sunday, November 6, 2016

I Know What Love Is by Whitney Bianca

Title: I Know What Love Is 
Author: Whitney Bianca 
Rating: 4 Stars  
Author's Blurb: This is not a love story. A chance encounter in a dark bar changed my life forever. I'll never forget the events of that night and the days that followed. I'll never be the same. He tried to break me, but now I'm stronger than ever. I want him to pay. I want him to suffer. I want to be just as much of a monster as he is But maybe, deep down... I want him just as much as he wants me. Maybe we deserve each other. Maybe he knows me better than I know myself. Maybe. But I know what love is, and this is not it. Warning: This dark erotic tale contains violence, explicit sexuality, and adult situations. The content may be considered objectionable, so please read at your own discretion. 
Review: I know what love is, and this is not it....never has there been a better tag line for a book like this. I was absolutely enthralled by this story from the first page.  
From the moment you meet Joan you feel her anger, her pain, and her desperation, you know without doubt that whatever happened to her it could not have been pretty. Then she tells you her story...and it is not romantic.  
The first time we meet Elliot is the same night that Joanie does and he is all at once terrifying, complex and intriguing. You can tell right away from his POV that he is both extremely unstable and extremely unaware of his condition. He thinks it's all about her, the girl that entranced him, it's her fault that he can't help but act as he does, she makes him turn he drives her just as crazy. 
I love the way this book is written, told in flashbacks and alternating POV, which lends a gritty sense of realism to the narration. You can tell from the beginning that both of the narrators, Joan and Elliot, are unstable but what's truly intriguing is the differences and similarities with which they both view their predicament.  
Nothing that Elliot does to Joan is glorified in this book, her fear and pain is palpable. You know that at some point she will break and yet you want to believe that she is strong enough to survive....You want to believe that she will figure a way out of what he does to her.  
I don't know how I feel about the outcome of some of Joan's actions. I don't know if I was still on her side by the end of the book. I was never on Elliot's side, not once, but by the end I wasn't sure Joan was any better. The book ends on a cliff hanger and there is more to the story still yet to be told...but I'm not sure how excited I am to find out where this ride ends.  
I would recommend this book to fans of dark and taboo romance, such as Captive in the Dark by C.J Roberts, and Flawed by Francette Phal. Books where the guy that makes your panties wet is also the guy that gives you nightmares. Books where you question the sanity and intelligence of the heroine and wonder if a real person would actually behave this way. Books that draw you in from the first page and don't let you go until well past the last.

To check out this crazy ride for yourself follow the link below.

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