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Dark Desires By Claire Marta (Hunter Chronicles Book 2)

Title: Dark Desires (Hunter Chronicles Book 2)
Author: Claire Marta
Rating: 4 Stars
Synopsis: Welcome back to the world of Jasmine Hunter, rookie agent for a secret paranormal division of Scotland Yard. This time we find Jasmine and her team deep undercover in a vampire den in Prague, attempting to search out a dangerous vampire serial killer. Of course when you enter a vampire den your pretty much guaranteed to run into some blood suckers, so it's no surprise to anyone but Jasmine that we run across the handsome, and slightly cold Eric. Who, along with his own gang of vamp detectives, are also searching for the allusive Prague killer. When Eric sees Jasmine it ignites a fury of emotions that he neither accepts nor understands. None the less his desire to give into his possessiveness for the feisty female is overwhelming and he finds it harder to fight for control with each moment in her presence.  Can these two put their personal shit aside long enough to work together and find the killer before he strikes again?
Review: There was a lot to like about this book, that said there were a few eye rolls thrown in for good measure along the way.
At first I was thrilled that the passion between Eric and Jasmine took absolutely no time to ignite this time around, but then I was disappointed that both characters did everything they could to deny their initial interactions as some kind of impulsive mistake.
To start off I loved that Jasmine's roll on the undercover assignment signified a growth in her abilities and tact as an agent, but then she proceeded to blunder about with nothing more than the excuse of 'I'm still a rookie' for the rest of the book. And to top that off with the utter lack of confidence in her abilities by every authority figure she encountered, I desperately wanted her to step up in some way and prove them wrong. But instead she seemed to display nothing but dim witted bravery. Now don't get me wrong I love a female lead with some balls and Jazz has some steely ones, but that's about where her skill set ends. I'm still not exactly sure what her special abilities as a Sensitive bring to her team. Sure there were references throughout this story and the last about her noticing magic and/or supernatural creatures more affectively than other characters with the same abilities (like pretty much every vamp in the series thus far) but it doesn't really add much to the efforts of the team. In reality she mostly just gets captured or put into some other type of unbecoming situation from which she requires rescuing over and over again, except for when she's getting fucked and/or hit on by pretty much every male she encounters and oh yea she also swears a lot.
Now despite my slightly obvious distain for Jasmine I will say this series is full of some really stellar and interesting side characters.
I love Twitch, he's the perfect sidekick/comic relief. He not only provides the most useful magical gadgets but also some type of witty comment or remark that has me smiling and chuckling along with everyone of his scenes.
We met Gemma and Connell in this book and I have to say I was intrigued by both characters and I look forward to delving into their story a little further.
We got to know a little bit more about Jasmine's boss Mark in this one, and the little tidbit Eric drops about him is more than interesting enough to get it's hooks in me.
But the cake topper of the new and interesting characters in this book has to be Asier. I fricking loved Asier, a little healthy, sexy competition for our vamp stud Eric, the second master of London definitely wet my panties and left me wanting a good spanking!
The plot of the book overall moved well, once again the big reveal of the villain caught me off guard and allowed me to see the clues that I had overlooked throughout the course of the story. And the ending of the book, the cliffhanger that leaves you needing to know what happens next, that didn't disappoint either. Honestly it even made me slightly reconsider my view of Jasmine and her team as a whole. I don't want to give anything away but I will say that when Eric's and Jasmine's final conversation begins I was in complete agreement with Eric, by the time it ends I wanted to cheer Jazz and her friends on, and I'm certainly anticipating finding out what happens from here.

To check out this steamy vampire romp for yourself follow the link below.
Dark Desires Claire Marta

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