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Anguish and Desolation By Bella Jewel books 3-4 of Jokers' Wrath MC

Title: Anguish Jokers' Wrath MC book 3
Author:Bella Jewel
Rating: 3 Stars
Author's Blurb: There are a lot of things in this world that are easy to escape from. Having a son you didn't ask for isn't one of them.
Mack is a nomad. He likes his own space and he struggles with emotion. His past is grey and his future looks about the same. That is until his ex-girlfriend dies and his son is handed over to him. A two month old baby he didn't know existed. Until now.
His world comes crashing down around him.
Desperate, he hires a nanny.

Jaylah has gotten herself into some serious trouble, so when she sees the job opening for a nanny pop up, she jumps on it. Of course she's not a nanny, but she figures she can pull it off. I mean, how hard can it be?
She's thrown into a world of diapers, hourly feedings and a whole lot of laundry. She's also introduced to the most rugged, gorgeous man she's ever had the pleasure of meeting.
The best part, he's the baby's father.
The worst part, he's a biker.
Their sexual tension is huge, but he's a hard nut to crack. She'll get in, though. She makes it her mission to break through the wall Mack has built so high around himself.
Her world is about to spiral out of control, and she's taking Mack along for the ride.
Review: I'll start by saying that I liked Jaylah more than any of Bella Jewel's heroines thus far. She was stronger, funnier, and less whiny, she still made some stupid choices for the sake of the plot but at this point in the series I has grown to expect it and was able to roll with the story with little to no hesitation.
One thing I noticed throughout this one though was that Mack was kind of an asshole. He was supposed to be this deep tortured soul that only came out of his shell around the people he cared most for, but really he was just kind of a dick head and I wasn't super attracted to him for this reason.
Once again the plot of the story was way more compelling than the characters which seems to be a reoccurring theme with these books.

Title: Desolation Jokers' Wrath MC book 4
Author: Bella Jewel
Rating: 3 Stars
Author's Blurb: Pippa
The girl you all know as damaged. Quiet. Broken.
She doesn’t fit in. Nothing in her world feels right. She’s trapped in a spiral of darkness that seem to be consuming her day by day, until she sees nothing but an empty, black hole.
Her world is a dark place she can’t escape.
She has people around her who matter. Who love her. But it’s not enough. Not enough to break her out of the bitter despair she lives in.
He knows pain. He knows darkness. He’s sweet. He’s kind. But most of all…
He understands her.
Combining their demons doesn’t seem like the best plan. Everyone is against them. He deserves better. She deserves better. They’ll never work. They’re too broken. Too damaged. It’s a destructive combination that will only end in heartbreak.
He’s a biker. She’s a broken angel.
But in their desolation, they find peace.

Review: Pippa and Tyke's story was sweet. It was definitely the most character driven of any of the stories in the series to this point.
I actually liked Pippa, she was tired of being seen as broken and she actually did a decent job trying to change it, or at leas she didn't just sit around and whine about it like some of the other females in these books.
Tyke was an awesome hero for Pippa, he was strong and fragile at the same time. He was sweet but he was also take charge and totally alpha male in all the best ways.
I will say that I totally did not see the love triangle aspect of this book coming, though I do wish the author had let it play out a little more than she did.
One thing I will say about this series in general with this book being no exception is that I hated the way the women spoke to one another. They were supposed to be close girlfriends and sisters and yet with all the shit going down in each of these novels all they ever seemed to do was gossip with one another about sex and make silly comments that no one ever actually makes about dick size and fucking vs making love.
Overall these stories all had decent plots and I liked them, but they also kind of made me roll my eyes and say "yea right" quite a bit.
I'd probably give the whole series 3 stars and call it a day with no feeling of in completion for avoiding the spin offs.

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