Thursday, October 6, 2016

Undisputed A.S. Teague

Title: Undisputed 
Author: A.S. Teague 
Rating: 5 Stars 
Author's Blurb:  I live a life most could only dream of. Parties, women, fame—what more could I want? As the undisputed MMA light heavyweight champ, I’ve faced the world’s toughest men. But, with a single glance, I knew that the five-foot-five redhead with a smart mouth and innocent eyes would be my hardest opponent yet. Sidney O’Neil isn’t my type. While I spend my nights out drinking at the trendiest clubs in town, she spends hers taking care of her sick nephew. She is nothing I thought I wanted, yet she’s somehow become the one thing I need. But what happens when the world is tipped on end and I’m no longer who she needs? How do I convince her that we’re worth the fight when all she knows is defeat? I’ve never lost a match, and I refuse to start now. But, sometimes, the toughest fight of your life is outside the cage. 
Review: I want to start by saying that I have never before read a fighter romance novel. Not because I was opposed to the idea, mostly just because I am usually way too deep in whatever Motorcycle Club or Vampire / Werewolf  Romance is at the top of my list to consider venturing out into a new genre of alpha male...but man am I glad to call Undisputed the first of many to come.  
I loved this book from the very beginning. It's hard to believe it was the author's debut novel. The pace was perfect always flowing from one scene to the next with very little drag or filler, and I loved the duel POV from Breccan and Sidney and the glimpses into their lives both before and after their first meeting.  
I knew going in that this would be a sweet love story, but I never expected it to give me all the feels that it did. This thing reached right in grabbed my heart and squeezed the crap out of it on pretty much every page, but I loved it. It was done so well, the mix of light humor with the heart wrenching and sometimes very harsh realities of love and loss and what it truly means to give your all to someone else.   Breccan's character arc was so fantastic I loved watching him transform from the rich playboy to the caring take charge boyfriend and I loved that he realized along the way that the transition was not going to be an easy one for someone like him but he never gave up on his feeling for Sidney. 
Sidney was a strong female character, both smart and witty, she had values and opinions and she never compromised them for anything less than the sake of her loved ones. She made good choices and very rarely made me cringe over her decision making which was super refreshing.  
I won't lie I shed quite a few tears for little Connor of the course of this book but he also made me laugh and smile nearly as often. 
Not to mention that when this book gets hot, it gets super steamy hot...I mean come one light heavyweight champion of the world people, I'd lick water droplets of his abs any day of the week!  
I'm so glad that this book made it to the top of my TBR list and I think it was the perfect piece to introduce me to the world of sometimes battered and bruised but always sexy cage fighting alpha males. I can't wait to dive in to more from this genre and definitely more from this author.
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