Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Trucker Jamie Schlosser

Title: Trucker (The Good Guys Book 1)

Author: Jamie Schlosser


Author's Blurb:
I know what you're whispering in the car as you pass me by. Hitchhiker. When you see me walking along the side of the road with my thumb out you'll probably keep on driving without giving me a second glance. You probably think I'm foolish. Naïve. You might assume I've made some bad decisions. You might think I'm too young to be on m own. You might be right.
I love my job, but driving an eighteen wheeler comes with a certain stereotype. When you hear I'm a trucker, a specific image might come to mind. Uneducated. Dirty. Perverted. Rough around the edges and a little bit dangerous. But the truth, is I'm not any of those things. In fact, I'm pretty far from it. You'd be surprised to find out I'm one of the good guys.

Synopsis: Angel is on the run. After loosing everyone she ever loved and enduring months in the foster system she decides to take matters into her own hands. After all she's going to be aging out soon anyways and foster kids run away all the time, no one will even miss her. When she decides to hitchhike across the country to find her mom she's not really sure what to expect, but she certainly never dreamed she'd meet some one like Travis.
Travis is a long haul truck driver. He never really planned on it as a career choice but from the moment he set behind the wheel of his rig he knew it was the job for him. He never dreamed of picking up a hitchhiker but when he saw her walking down the side of the road he knew he couldn't leave her alone out there, he's too good a guy for that.

Review: This book exceeded all of my expectations. It was easy to read and captivating from beginning to end. I read this thing in one sitting because I just did not want to put it down. From the very beginning I was hooked by Angel and Travis' story. There was so much innocence and passion between these two, it was completely mesmerizing. Their story truly captured how wondrous first love can feel.
This story was also super HOT! I mean seriously steamy, yet in the sweetest most romantic ways. Travis makes being a nice guy sexy! I loved everything about him and the way he treated Angel from the instant you first meet him. And Angel, innocent, gullible, Angel, so sweet and pretty with a heart of gold and a potty mouth that could make you forget about it. I loved her so much.
I loved all of these characters, they were all so incredibly engaging. Angel and Travis were complex and deep and yet still young and fun, they made me laugh, and smile, and even blush right along with them but they also made me feel their pain and insecurities in the most appropriate ways. Even the ensemble cast was fun and interesting....I mean come on, a little old lady that drops the F bomb in casual conversation, what's not to like!
Quite simply, I loved this book, and I can't wait to read more from this author.

To check out this book for yourself follow the link below.
Trucker Jamie Schlosser

*ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

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