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Hillary 3 Angel Gelique

Title: Hillary Retribution (Hillary book 3)

Author: Angel Gelique

Rating: 5 STARS!!!

Author's blurb: After sustaining years of sexual abuse by the father she had once loved and trusted, Hillary Greyson finally confides in her mother, only to be called a liar. Just when all seems hopeless and Hillary has no one to turn to, she discovers an ally, a voice within her that promises to make everything all better. Relying on her one and only friend--the voice of reason, Hillary puts an end to the sexual abuse and those she deemed blameworthy for her suffering. Fueled by rage, Hillary lashes out against everyone who hurt her until she is apprehended in the woods. For months, Hillary is left alone in an empty room, tied naked to a bed in the home of a man claiming to be her doctor...a man who says that she is there for her own good. Hillary finds a way to escape and discovers that she has been delivered to the doctor by a military man, Lieutenant Alan Langford, for the sole purpose of being used as a test subject in an unauthorized and unethical biomedical research experiment. Hillary knows there's just one thing left to do. With the voice of reason now silent, she has found her own voice, along with the strength and resolve to find this man-this military lieutenant who prolonged her suffering-and make him pay. Hillary just wants revenge....

Synopsis: Hillary is on a mission. To hunt, torture, kill, and quite possibly CONSUME, Lt. Alan Langford. He's the man responsible for her unethical imprisonment and experimentation by Doctors Patrick Morrison and Jake Bentley. There's only one problem, the voice in her head, the one that saved her from her father and guided her to her freedom, has suddenly gone silent, leaving Hillary more alone than she has been in quite a while. Meanwhile Dr. Bently won't rest until he finds the girl responsible for his mutilation and torture...of course it would help if he had any clue where to start looking for her.

Review: Hillary lost her ever loving mind! We know this. In fact if you made it through the second book good for you because man that thing was difficult to read...totally worth it...but the blood in gore in that book makes the first and third books look like fricking children's stories in comparison ....again though it was totally worth it and in my opinion completely essential to the story...and because I am a sick and twisted individual it may actually be my favorite book in this amazing trilogy and that is really saying something....any ways enough about the second book cause this review is all about the third and final chapter in Hillary's gruesome tale.

After escaping Dr. Morrison and finishing off her mother Hillary heads north to find Lt. Langford the man responsible for her capture. Along the way she finds an unlikely allie in an old sweet hearted black woman named Miss Billie. Miss Billie knows a thing or two about helping troubled youth, and she believes that saving the young girl is what the almighty lord wants her to do..of course she has no clue what kind of evil is really lurking behind the teenagers pretty face. Needless to say the 2 make a rather interesting pair and I have to say I was enamored with Miss Billie from the very first time we meet her.

I love how Angel's third person narration let you see inside the minds of her characters. I was caught up in the emotions of each and every storyline equally. Every gory, bloody, detail (and believe me there are plenty) paints a relentlessly vivid picture of these tortured souls. And the seamless timeline transitions keep the mystery and suspense of this story alive and well until the very end.

The final installment didn't disappoint in the twist department either. In fact just when I thought I had it all figured out and I knew exactly what Hillary's story was supposed to be about.....Angel flipped shit on its head and left me with my mouth open asking WTF for like 2 whole chapters.

In conclusion, the tale of Hillary Greyson was one of the most violent, and horrific I have ever suffered through, and at the same time one of the most intriguing and captivating I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying....basically the whole trilogy blew my mind and left me in awe of the author's talent...but I'm still going to curse her to hell when I wake up from my next nightmare.

To check out the last installment in this horrifying trilogy follow the link below.
Hillary (3) Angel Gelique

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