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Hillary 2 Angel Gelique

Title: Hillary: Flesh and Blood (Hillary book 2)

Author: Angel Gelique

Rating: 5 WTF Stars!!

Author's Blurb: WARNING: This novel contains disturbingly explicit sexual and deviant content that may be considered offensive to some readers, including rape, incest, torture and cannibalism.

The death of innocence gives birth to evil….

Thirteen year-old Hillary Greyson lived a charmed life until one ill-fated night changed everything. Hurt and betrayed by her own father, she finally confronts her mother for help, only to be turned away, criticized and blamed.

With her innocence lost, Hillary has no one to turn to until she discovers a peculiar friend, an ally she learns to trust...learns to obey.

Frustrated and angry, hurt and dejected, Hillary screams out for help, cries out for compassion.

Hillary just wants to be heard….

****SPOILER WARNING!!**** (seriously don't read this review at all if you can't handle spoilers because I could not help myself)

ORIGINAL REVIEW October 18 2015: I didn't finish this book...but I am going to give it 4 stars anyways because I know the story would have been brilliant I just couldn't stomach it anymore. The first novel in this series was a total mind fuck and because I was so enraptured in the mystery of it I managed to gag my way through all the disgusting blood and gore...but this one I just can't. The 6 chapters I managed to get through were details of Hillary's backstory and I was able to stay with her through the terrible torturous acts of her father and I was able to stay with her through the despicably weak actions of her mother, I about lost it when she attacked the dog...not cool... but I celebrated when she took down that rat bastard ass dad of was when she tied up her fucking sister that I had to stop....I understand that Hillary lost her damn mind and that is the point of the whole fucking story and the brilliant writing did manage to make it fascinating in a way...but horror has never been my genre of choice... I prefer a good psychological suspense with a mostly happy end...and that's not where this story was headed not in the heart (and stomach) can't take it I had to say goodbye to Hillary before Caliegh could meet her untimely end.

Update 5/10/16: Have you ever put down a book without finishing only to have it haunt you for months at every neither, until now that is. I can't stop think about this book. At first I thought it was because it scared the ever loving shit out of me (which it totally did) but honestly I think it's because some sick twisted part of me just has to know what happens...Damn you Angel Gelique for being such an amazing writer...if I throw up trying to endure this thing just know it's all your fault.....and thus I pick back up with Hillary where I left off...with her fucking sister tied up in her bedroom.

FINAL REVIEW 5/12/16: I finished it...I have never read a book like this before...mostly because I usually try to steer clear of stories that are guaranteed to give me nightmares for the rest of my life. But here I am, I couldn't leave this one alone, so many months not knowing, randomly thinking about what happens to Hillary, needing to know the gruesome details I thought I could live without....Angel Gelique has a true gift because nothing like that has ever happened to me before, typically if I am done with a story then I am just that DONE...but no, not this one, not Hillary...Honestly I would be more than eager to read anything she has written no matter the genre or subject matter because I can almost guarantee it would be brilliant...but I'm a pussy and I'm terrified to start another story like this and not be able to escape it once again.....seriously bitch made pussy and I am unashamed to admit it.
But regardless here I am and now I know exactly how Hillary ended up where she did in Tail of the Dog....At one point during this book I compared myself to a kid watching a horror movie with his hands over his eyes, peaking through his fingers because as badly as he wants to look away something is telling him he has to watch...that is exactly how this book made me feel, exactly why I couldn't walk away from it no matter how hard I tried....I both loved and hated this book so much...GOD THE FUCKING BABIES.....I literally tried to skip the whole scene with Joshy...I just can't even think about it any more...excuse me while I read something full of warm and fuzzies before having to inevitably jump into the final book in this fucked up trilogy....You're surprised I plan to read the next one? shouldn't be I don't care if cry like a bitch during the whole thing I have to know how this thing end!!

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Hillary (2) Angel Gelique

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