Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hillary (1) Angel Gelique

Title: Hillary: Tail of the Dog (Hillary book 1)

Author: Angel Gelique

Rating: 4 Stars

Author's Blurb: WARNING: This novel contains disturbingly explicit sexual and deviant content that may be considered offensive to some readers, including rape, torture and cannibalism.

Fifteen-year-old Hillary Greyson awakens from a horrific nightmare only to discover that she faces an even grimmer reality. Naked on a bed in an unfamiliar, empty room, she is unable to move her limbs. Worse, she cannot remember who she is. Panic-stricken, Hillary desperately searches her mind for answers, but finds nothing more than fear and confusion.

A man enters the room—a stranger to Hillary. He introduces himself as Dr. Morrison. Seemingly benign, he informs Hillary that she is there for her own good…that she is under his care until she regains her memory. Hillary cannot remember anything, but her instincts warn her not to trust this man who claims to be her doctor. She can only hope that someone will come looking for her…that someone will find her before it is too late.

Several weeks later, Hillary’s situation has grown even more dismal. Still unclothed, coarse ropes bind her limbs to the bed while she is fed intravenously. Two new strangers have entered her life—Monica, Dr. Morrison’s wife, and Dr. Bentley, who claims to be her psychiatrist. Yet they are more evasive than forthcoming. Her questions remain unanswered. She is trapped, with no hope of escaping…left to piece together the mystery of her miserable existence.

Abused and neglected, Hillary knows that with each passing day, her chance of survival diminishes. She spends her long days wasting away, growing depressed…growing angry. When all hope seems lost, a cruel twist of fate provides the opportunity she has been waiting for.

With renewed hope and an unrelenting will to survive, Hillary does whatever it takes to escape. She yearns for her freedom more than anything in the world.

Hillary just wants to go home….

Review: This is one of the most ridiculously crazy horribly frightening and gruesome things I have ever read in my entire life...and I read a lot of ridiculous crazy shit on a fairly regular basis...but this book was absolutely horrifying!! There were parts where I had to look away from the text in front of my face, part where I felt sure I could take no more before I got sick to my stomach or had nightmares for weeks!! I will not try to explain the plot of this book at all for fear of spoilers ruining any of the awesomely twisted mystery that is Hillary and her fucked up story, other than the blurb given by the author I went into this story blind and I highly suggest any potential readers do the same... I will say that if you can't handle repulsive bloody gore and painstakingly nasty descriptions...don't try to read this it will be entirely too much for the causal phsyco/horror genre fan to handle...I almost stopped reading myself several times throughout the be honest here at the end of book one part of me is left wondering what the hell I just read and if I dare pick up the next installment...but then there is another part screaming WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN YOU WON"T PICK UP THE NEXT INSTALLMENT!! and I'm resigned to my fate I simply must find out what grueling torture is in store for me next.
To check out this horrifying book for yourself follow the link below.

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