Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Flawed Francette Phal

Title: Flawed (The Butcher #1) 
Author: Francette Phal 
Synopsis: Lacey Barnes is a teenage prositute with aspirations of being a doctor. Her shitty family does nothing but take from her and use her, but like the true martyr she is she continuously goes above and beyond to save their asses at every opportunity. When her dumb-dumb brother gets himself in yet another heap of trouble it's once again up to Lacey to bail him out, but this time the cost may be more than she can afford to pay. Knox is an assassin, but he is not your typical sniper or even a money hungry mercenary, he is a blood thirsty killer to his very core. For Knox there is absolutely nothing more satisfying than causing pain and being the adopted son of Russian crime boss affords him every opportunity to bask in the glory of his particular skill set. When he is asked to ride along for a run of the mill shake down to collect an unpaid debt his disinterest is obvious and expected...but then he sees her, he knows without doubt he is going to hurt her, the only question is how much pain can she take? 
Review: Holy crap this book kept me at the edge of my seat! This book was so dark that I kept wondering (not so quietly) to myself why the fuck I was enjoying it so much. I mean really I was so hooked from the very beginning that I could barely put this thing down to eat and bathe and generally live my life over the last two days...and yet it was not for any reason that I could fathom being comfortable with. I mean sure the writing was fantastic, the plot and characters well developed and the general tone and pace of the story kept me dying for more information, for the next revelation, the next big commotion, but that doesn't mean that I was at all comfortable with myself or my emotions during the whole insane thing. 
Let me break this down for you, Knox is a bad guy, and Lacey is a stupid, stupid girl....and yet I loved them both so much. There were so many moments when I wanted to yell and scream at them both, so many moments when I was dying for someone to step in and rescue this poor stupid girl and end her torment...and yet by about 70% the bad guy starts to show humanity and the stupid girl starts to show a bit of a brain and I started to believe that it could actually work...and then I smacked myself in the face because WHY THE FUCK SHOULD IT WORK!! I mean seriously there are so many other ways this thing could go and so many times that I wanted a hint at a different outcome and yet when that fucking cliffhanger hit me at the end I was desperate for more!!! 
Please excuse me while I delve head first into the autoerotic nightmare that is sure to be the second installment of this series.

To get a copy of this totally messed up book for yourself follow the link below.

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