Saturday, September 24, 2016

Chasing Dragonflies Tee Smith

Title: Chasing Dragonflies 
Author: Tee Smith 
Rating: 5 Stars 
Synopsis: After living in captivity for 6 years Maddie feels lucky to even still be alive. Having her life back with her brother and good friends by her side, she knows that even on the days that feel the hardest she will make it through, after all she has already survived the worst. When sexy mechanic Dex shows up on her door step Maddie starts feeling things she never even dreamed she would experience during her days in the shed. But Dex has a few demons in his own past and he is not so sure he's the right choice for such a beautiful, fragile and innocent girl to be betting her heart on.  
Review: I loved this book. It was everything I loved about Collecting Scars and then some! 
Maddie and Dex were the sweetest together but I loved that their stories were very independent of one another in their own ways.  
Maddie had a lot of stuff to work out and to slowly let out as the book went on and I loved every little glimpse into her mind. She was strong and resilient in a way that no one could have expected her to be after the life she had lead.  
And Dex he was the ultimate good guy trapped behind a bad boy image, and the most perfect thing about it was that he had created that image in his own mind out of guilt and sorrow... He just had the sweetest soul and it totally came through on every page, I fricking loved Dex!  
I love the world of characters that Tee is building with her stories it's such a rich little world of family and friends that makes me want more. That cliffhanger at the end of this one!! Ugh absolutely killing me! I can't wait for more from this series.

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